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Interiors links

We provide links to other websites which may be useful to your interior project. Please note that we cannot be held accountable for these external websites and you visit them at your own risk (scary though they are not). Some of these relate to important interiors information and some relate to rules and regs for building and maintenance.

If you have a company website and would like to exchange links or if you feel that your website deserves the attention of our visitors then please contact us and we shall try and respond.

We hope you enjoy and find these sites useful however don’t forget to come right back to us once you’ve been.

Furniture and Furnishings safety regulations
This site is essential for many home owners particularly if you intend to let out your property. Interior products should on the whole be covered with appropriate fire regs. See this site for more information.

If you are interested in gaining courses or sourcing other designers then we recommend a visit to The British Institute of Interior Design and their site is packed with tip top information which you will find very useful we’re sure!

For all structural work and other aspects of interior work you may need building regulations input. This may include moving windows, knocking down walls, changing lintels and other aspects of home renovation. We will advise where we can but you can visit this site for definitive information.

South West UK dwellers will be really pleased that they have a company such as Deccardy to provide them with services such as renovation and refurbishment in and around Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire and Poole. Their site has excellent portfolio examples of interior works carried out as well as useful resources and links to other providers around the UK. Definitely visit these for an idea on improving your home interior.  If you are looking for more related resources including links to nationwide interior design companies and Home renovation & refurbishment we recommend a visit to Deccardy as they provide excellent information across their site. Design and build, portfolio and a comprehensive list of services. They provide excellent ‘before and after’ photos which are perfect to help visualise how the rooms they have worked on have been transformed by their work, and ideas for what Deccardy can do for you. Interesting examples of cottage renovations and remodelling.